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5 tips for Outdoor Wedding Ceremonies

How to make the most out of your wedding ceremony, even if it is during the Great British summertime.

Create a backdrop

Have a focal point to draw your guests eye to the main focus of your day. Consider using a sail, draping fabric, floral archway or fringe wall. They can be colourful, subtle or a contrast against the venue or colour scheme.

Forge an aisle

Whether it's with chairs. benches, straw bales, using vintage rugs, florals and foliage or lanterns. Carve out a clear walkway to get you from A to B.

Create clusters in small areas to add personality and creativity.

Think about having stations like a prosecco or gin bar, a confetti cone basket or quirky furniture. Add a spattering of florals in this areas to tie everything together.

They add colour, character, information and can be used across more than one part of the wedding, as they are easily moveable. They also can come in a range of sizes, styles and colours and be used as keeps sakes too, after the wedding day.

I also offer a range of hireable items, contact me for a list of options.

Have a back up plan

Not to be negative, but it is Great Britain after all.

Think about ways that you can still make the most out of your wedding day even if the forecast isn't looking its best.

Can you get fancy umbrellas? Only put chairs out when ready, so they don't get wet beforehand.

Is there a way you can have a temporary cover during the ceremony?

Try not to let it stress you out, embrace it even - ask your photographer to capture a shot of you in the rain if it comes to it, with an umbrella or even your wellies.

We can plan for everything, but one thing we can't control is the weather.

Let me know if you've got any questions or need any help with planning your wedding day.

I'm always here to help via email, instagram @hunter_gatherings or this blog.

Goodluck planning, especially at this very difficult time!

Love Fran xxx

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